Marco Rubio: Impeachment not about accountability, it’s about ‘vengeance from the radical left’

Politicians, as much as they may say otherwise, are self-serving, always looking at the next position and the next election. That goes for both sides, Republican and Democrat.

Marco Rubio, during the Trump administration and so far, post Trump administration, has bowed down to and served Donald Trump in nearly every way imaginable.

As would be expected, Marco Rubio is against the second impeachment and trial of former President Donald Trump and he’s not been shy about it.

On Tuesday morning, Rubio posted that he believes the upcoming impeachment trial about Trump inciting thousands of his supporters to storm the United States Capitol, which left five people dead isn’t about accountability.

No, instead the Florida senator believes it’s about “demands for vengeance from the radical left.”

That’s some pretty impressive and shameful mental gymnastics, even for a politician. Well done, Marco.

Wonder when we can expect his 2024 presidential campaign announcement?

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