FAIL: Twitter users try to compare treatment of Tom Brady to Colin Kaepernick

Social media, for the most part, is a gigantic trash dump filled with loud, stupid people with equally stupid views and opinions. Essentially, social media is brain cells and time go to die.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Friends, family members and celebrities will use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post some of the dumbest, moronic thoughts and ideas. Usually we’re able to notice it, grimace internally in pain and then scroll right on by it. However, sometimes that’s not always the case and the idiocy must be called out.

On Twitter Monday afternoon, Colin Kaepernick was a trending topic and it was, you guessed it, for the dumbest reason imaginable. People were airing their frustration with how Tom Brady is treated by the NFL compared to social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick was treated by the league.

People were actually trying to say that Brady is so much better even though he was supposedly a Donald Trump supporter while Colin Kaepernick, who is working to solve society’s ills, can’t even find a job in the National Football League.

Think I’m kidding? Check out this little piece of braindead stupidity:

Yes, this guy actually posted this. But he and everyone else he erroneously supports this guy’s thought is forgetting that when you’re the greatest quarterback of all-time, people couldn’t care less who you vote for.

The NFL is, like every other job, a performance-based situation. If you win six Super Bowls and hold every record imaginable, people will put up with you when they disagree with you.

Kaepernick was, at best, an average to below average quarterback who was able to get the San Francisco 49ers to one Super Bowl and lose. Soon after his loss in the big game, Kaepernick made politics and not football his main concern. Brady, from what I can tell, never has made politics the centerpiece of his existence.

Despite all of this, people still cannot understand how Brady is hailed as this great football player (because he is) while Kaepernick can’t get a team to pick him up.

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