Ted Cruz, actor Seth Rogen toss insults back and forth

Ted Cruz and actor Seth Rogen likely won’t ever work on a bill together anytime soon. Likewise, Rogen probably won’t have the Texas senator make an appearance in his next pot-related comedy or the next one or the one after that.

Needless to say, there generally isn’t much love, kindness, friendship or whatever between Hollywood and the GOP. But the former presidential candidate and the star of Pineapple Express really aren’t on friendly terms.

The Superbad actor got things going as he slammed Cruz for being, well, in Rogen’s word’s, a “fascist piece of sh*t.”

Not to be outdone, the Texas junior senator shot back, calling Rogen “a moron.”

While these guys aren’t buddies right now, maybe at some point in the future they’ll patch things up and sponsor marijuana legislation or star together in a buddy comedy about a presidential candidate who gets high in his spare time.

Who knows, right?

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