Rep. McCarthy says ‘everybody has some responsibility’ for Capitol insurrection

Since Donald Trump is no longer in office, Republicans are left trying to clean up the mess left by the former president, specifically the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol.

It was a disgusting, traitorous and deadly display that will go down as a dark, dark day in this country’s history. Simply put: It was something commonly seen in third world countries.

But nevertheless, Republicans will try and explain away Jan. 6 as best as they can while they attempt to absolve Trump and themselves of any responsibility for their rhetoric leading up to that day. Trump and his Republican buddies told everyone that the election was stolen for months. It was taken from him, despite no evidence and having nearly every court case thrown out.

California Republican Kevin McCarthy is taking a different tactic in his attempt to explain the Trump mob storming the Capitol: It was everyone’s fault.

Yeah, he actually said that.

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