Marco Rubio says Trump ‘bears responsibility’ for Capitol insurrection, but doesn’t want an impeachment trial

There’s no doubt the GOP brand has been damaged significant by Donald Trump.

The Republicans lost the White House, both Houses of Congress and are left defending a man who incited an insurrection on the United States Capitol as lawmakers were attempting to certify an election. That’s probably not the track record you want when leaving office.

But as dumb as Republicans look as they try to explain away President Donald Trump, his role in the mob storming the Capitol and the attack itself, no one looks as bad as Sen. Marco Rubio.

Rubio, one thought to be the future of the Republican party, sold completely out to Trump and his base of supporters. Now, Rubio, understanding that Trump is out of office and his trying to fix whatever is left of his reputation and credibility wants to have it both ways: Yes, Trump was responsible but let’s not do anything about.

And what does Rubio use as his justification for being against an impeachment trial? He claims it would just further deepen the divisions (which the GOP and Trump hold a lot of blame for) in the country, that we should be coming together right now.

They talk about unity right after him and the GOP screamed on and on about a stolen election for months?

C’mon, man.

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