Chris Christie: This election was not stolen

Former President Donald Trump is not going to be happy about this.

Former New Jersey Governor and presidential candidate Chris Christie was the first recognizable person to endorse Trump’s candidacy.

After he closed up shop on his own presidential campaign, Christie was seen pretty regularly around Trump during his first campaign for the presidency. He went on TV espousing the candidacy of Trump, explaining why he was the best person for the job while attacking his fellow conservatives who said otherwise.

Now is kind of a different story. Christie, for a while now, has been one of the few Republicans to express a different opinion than “Trump is all right, all the time” and “Donald Trump can do no wrong.”

On Sunday, Christie appeared on ABC News and said that, even though a majority of the GOP says otherwise, the 2020 election was not stolen. The former federal prosecutor went on to say that simply trying to “score political points” with the people Trump sold this lie to.

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