Actor welcomes Joe, Jill Biden to White House then mocks Melania Trump’s accent

There are many things people can and should disagree on but in a respectful manner. But as we see every single day on social media, disagreement turns personal and downright mean rather quickly.

Often times, keyboard warriors will attack someone’s perceived intelligence level, their looks and even disabilities.

But why waste time picking apart someone for something they are unable to control? Because as majority of social media believes a wins a win, no matter how the victory is achieved. All that matters is “owning” someone, right?

Well, another one of those lovely, tolerant liberals just showed how far that tolerance stretches as he mocked the former first lady Melania Trump for her accent.

The Animal House actor quickly deleted his message after seeing the error in his lovable and tolerant ways. After the deletion, Tim Matheson went into damage control and apologized for the tweet.

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