‘WalkAway’ campaign founder judges Trump, Biden press secretaries by their looks

There is just so much hypocrisy on the right, left and in the middle. Thanks to invention of social media, this has been brought to life as people consistently try to “own” one another in a constant game of political one upsmanship.

Social media has also made people a lot meaner, as they post mean, vicious statuses while hiding behind a computer keyboard.

Don’t like what someone said about an issue you’re passionate about or maybe they aren’t obsessed with a particular politician that you’re just over the moon for? Well, then the most obvious and logical response is to attack that person’s weight, hair, looks or complexion, right?

Of course not, but that’s basically the state of our political discourse in this country.

Brandon Straka, Trump fan and founder of the WalkAway campaign, which encourages people to leave the Democratic party for the Republican party, isn’t a fan of Joe Biden.

So, with Trump no longer president and him being opposed to President Biden, I guess attacking the looks of Biden’s press secretary was the next logical step in his mind?

Isn’t it conservatives who are always preaching about qualifications for a position over superficial things like hair, eyes and skin color?

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