Tomi Lahren claims there’s a movement to silence her, she posts….on Twitter

On both sides, the right and left, there are a number of political commentators who do nothing but spout talking points, never providing an original thought. Instead, they simply use the same, tired arguments and messages.

Without a doubt, one of the worst of the worst of these kinds of political talking heads is Tomi “Final Thoughts” Lahren. The former OAN and Blaze employee continually posts bad take after bad take on social media as she scrambles to defend everything Donald Trump and MAGA.

Now, always trying to portray herself as the victim of some kind of secret, leftist plot, Lahren claims there is a push to silence her and goes on to claim that anyone who criticizes the Biden administration will be labeled “an insurrectionist.”

I wait with bated breath for Lahren’s next horrible and idiotic post. I wonder what will the left be trying to do to her next?

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