Joe Exotic upset with Trump: ‘I was too innocent and too GAY:’ ‘his corrupt friends all come first’

Something called “Tiger King” on Netflix is extremely popular, garnering a ton of talk on social media about the documentary series. While having not watched (and having no desire to) a single second of the series, I’m still familiar with names of two people on the program: Carole Baskins and Joe Exotic.

According to IMDB, the series is about a man (Joe Exotic) who ran a big cat animal farm and an animal rights activist (Carole Baskins). At some point, the relationship between the two devolves into a murder-for-hire plot and has since landed the aforementioned Joe Exotic in jail, serving a multi-decade sentence.

Now, prior to Trump leaving leaving office, he issued a number of pardons (as presidents do). Rappers Lil’ Wayne and Kodak Black as well as Kwame Kilpatrick, who stole millions from the city of Detroit while mayor, and the ex-husband of Judge Jeanine Pirro all made the pardon list.

One person that didn’t make the list? Joe Exotic of Netflix fame and now he’s a tad upset.

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