Melania Trump decides not to #BeBest when it comes to Jill Biden

The Trumps are on their way out. Their time in the White House after one term is coming to an end. On Wednesday, the United States of America will officially have a new president, President Joe Biden.

As the Trumps pack up their belongings and prepare to head out of town, the outgoing president and first lady normally conduct customs and traditions. It’s customary for the outgoing president and the first lady to attend the inauguration of the incoming president.

It’s also normal for a peaceful transfer of power, too. But with Trump and his allies lying for two months, claiming the “election was stolen” and with the events of January 6, a peaceful transfer of power kind of went out of the window.

One of the traditions, for the outgoing president and his wife, is to greet and have the incoming president and first lady at the White House on the lady of inauguration. But apparently still bitter and in a fairly classless move, will not have Jill Biden at the White House.

Now, let’s be honest, this is a dumb, stupid tradition. However, it’s important for the simple fact that it shows that, even if it’s forced and fake, that the campaign is over and it’s time to move on with the business of governing America.

At some point, and very, very soon, like Wednesday, not everything will be about Donald and Melania. The presidency is bigger than both of them but for Donald and his wife, they seem unable to grasp this simple fact.

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