What? Sen. Tommy Tuberville wants Biden inauguration delayed until ‘virus behind us’

The game of football involves skill, strategy, preparation and yes, brute force. While intelligence and planning are necessary elements in order to win on the gridiron, other times it’s simply a matter of just being physically bigger than your opponent and using your guys to push against their guys until the advantage is gained.

This brute force option doesn’t take too much, if any thinking or planning or strategy or really, anything. Something tells me, with the latest remark from Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, that during his football coaching days, he preferred the brute force method.

The Republican, while speaking to a TV station in Alabama, said that he would like the inauguration of President-elect Biden delayed “until we got this virus behind us.”

That’s all well and good but the only problem is that January 20 is set by the U.S. Consitution.

This statement from the senator from Alabama comes after he incorrectly named the three branches of government as the “House, Senate and the executive” in November of last year.

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