Republican Lt. governor of Georgia: If we don’t move past Trump, we’ll continue to lose

As much as Republicans detested the cult of personality of former President Barack Obama, Republicans then got wrapped up in their own cult of personality surrounding Donald Trump.

MAGA. Make America Great Again. You saw it on hats, t-shirts emblazoned with Trump’s face and there were Trump 2020 flags on pickup after pickup.

And just like the Trump merchandise, Trump supporters bought every single lie and conspiracy President Trump sold them. Buying into falsehood after falsehood from Trump and his allies resulted in a mob of Trump supporters storming the United States Capitol because they were told “the election was stolen from them” for months.

Trump was/is their Jim Jones and they happily downed the Kool-Aid and then much like Oliver Twist, they asked “please sir, can I have some more?”

As with any cult, the Cult of Trump is not sustainable. Following Trump and hanging on every word coming out the mouth of the twice-impeached President will only result in destruction (January 6).

So what do conservatives have to do? Well, for starters they’ve got to deprogram, cleanse and move away from the losing cult that is MAGA. Trump, as great and wonderful as he may be in the eyes of his followers, successfully turned the reliably red southern state of Georgia blue.

The current Lt. governor of Georgia, a Trump supporter, said this much and more as to what Republicans and conservatives must to do in order to build back up the party destroyed by the only man president in the history of the United States to be impeached twice.

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