Conservative ‘American Thinker’ retracts articles, admits Dominion vote changing story is ‘completely false,’ ‘has no basis in fact’

Since the November election, there have been tons and tons of conspiracy theories that have made their way onto social media, on television and have come out of the mouths of presidential allies and President Trump himself.

One of the biggest, most widely spread conspiracy theories was that Dominion Voting Systems Inc., a company whose products were used to count votes in the 2020 November election, changed votes from President Trump to President-elect Biden.

In addition to spreading this conspiracy theory, Sidney Powell, a former lawyer for the Trump campaign team, even accused the company of being tied to Venezuela during a press conference.

Dominion has now filed a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against the conservative lawyer, who threatened to “release the kraken.”

In addition, to Powell, Fox News and other conservative outlets pushed this false story, claiming that the election was stolen from President Trump.

On Friday, conservative outlet American Thinker admitted the story is “completely false and have no basis in fact.” The outlet went on to apologize for publishing the false stories, saying that their pieces were based on completely debunked information and that they abandoned journalistic principles when representing the company‚Äôs track record.

Read American Thinker’s full statement here.

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