Peter Navarro, Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo live in an alternate universe

Two-time impeached President Donald Trump is on his way out of office. But that doesn’t mean Trump’s people and his Fox News sycophants will stop lying on his behalf.

No, instead that appears to mean they’ve got a limited amount of time to fit in all of their falsehoods before he leaves the Oval Office.

On Fox News, White House trade official Peter Navarro appeared on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo and both lied trough their teeth for nearly 2 minutes.

Navarro, incensed by the treatment Trump has received, said it was Democrats who impeached Trump for inciting an insurrection on the United States Capitol that are attacking Trump. Navarro believes it was Democrats who committed violence against this country and not a president who for two months said the election was stolen from him and then incited a riot with the sole purpose of disrupting election certification.

Sure, buddy. Sure.

But wait there’s more. It wouldn’t be a Fox News segment if the host didn’t given into the Trump guest’s fantasy and offer no push back with facts and figures. Bartiromo, instead of calling Navarro out on his lies, provided a few of her own.

In what world do these people live in and how much of your soul do you have to sell to get there?

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