Video shows MAGA rioter throwing fire extinguisher at officer

President Trump’s supporters are all about law and order. Law and order. Law and order. It’s like a nervous tic as they tell us how much they love law and order every five minutes.

Oh yeah, back the blue is also another important chant from MAGA cultists, one they repeat ad nauseam.

Needless to say, those who wave Trump flags and wear those stupid cheap red hats are in love with law enforcement. They’ll defend police officers in any and all situations, well, except when it comes to Trump. When it comes to Trump, they’ll do anything for their orange idol and apparently, that means throwing a fire extinguisher at a police officer.

MAGA is without a doubt, 100% a cult. It’s a lawless, treasonous and as we’ve seen since last Wednesday’s insurrection, a murderous cult.

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