Really? Sen. Rick Scott accuses Biden of being hypocrite, against unity

Last week, a mob of Trump supporters chanting “hang Mike Pence” stormed the United States Capitol, leaving five people dead.

This insurrection came after President Trump and Rudy Giuliani incited the angry mob only minutes earlier with the lone purpose of disrupting certification of the November presidential election.

And even after the January 6 treasonous actions of Trump supporters, who were, no doubt looking for lawmakers, a number of Republican senators still went along with the angry mob’s fantasy of a stolen election. They still voted against certifying the results, seven of them to be exact.

Of course, this madness came after months and months of President Trump and nearly every single Republican lawmaker claimed the election was stolen, that it was unfair despite any kind of evidence.

One of those senators who has been pushing this baseless allegation of a “stolen election” and voted against certification was Florida’s Rick Scott.

Scott was recently on Fox News where he accused President-elect Biden of being against unity, calling him a hypocrite for his actions.

Alanis Morrissette was right. It really is ironic, don’t ya think?

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