Republican calls for 25th Amendment to be invoked, remove Trump from office

President Donald Trump is on his way out of office. Democrat Joe Biden’s win in November’s presidential election was certified by Congress early Thursday morning.

So, everything that President Trump, his campaign legal team and his mouthpieces in the media parroting his lies and conspiracy theories were saying was completely and utterly wrong (again) about “Trump staying in office beyond January 20.”

After Trump, Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani incited the mob to storm the United States Capitol and disrupt the Electoral College certification process, several are now calling for Trump to be removed from office.

And anyone who argues that Trump and others did not incite that mob is truly mistaken.

Following the seditious statements of the three and the treasonous actions of Trump supporters Wednesday, Democrats have called for the 25th Amendment to be invoked to remove him from office. Additionally, at least one Republican, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, is asking for cabinet members to remove Trump via the 25th Amendment.

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