Fox News host: It feels like society is rigged

When things don’t exactly go your way, that promotion goes to someone else, your raise this year wasn’t quite what you expected or you lose an election, the entire world must be against you, right?

Things must have been rigged from the beginning, you never really had a fair shot. Yes, that’s got to be it. It’s not that the other guy was better, smarter and worked harder.

Oh no, instead of working harder and getting better, simply say things were rigged and then place a call to the Georgia secretary of state.

Fox and Friends host Will Cain actually believes society is rigged against him. The former sports writer, on the highest cable rated network, apparently still hasn’t gotten over President Trump’s loss.

This victim, woe is me mentality simply because your guy didn’t win an election isn’t a good look, especially for a guy who previously wrote about sports and is now paid to spout his opinion on society on the highest rated cable network.

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