Fox News’ Brett Baier schools Sen. Josh Hawley

It appears that a number of Republicans are going to object and refuse to accept the votes from the Electoral College. Leading the Republicans’ attempt to overturn an entire election and disregard the will of the people is Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley.

Hawley was recently on Republican-friendly Fox News. Unfortunately for the potential 2024 presidential candidate, he just happened to be on one of the two or three shows on the entire network with someone who has actually asked difficult questions of Republicans in the past.

During his appearance, Brett Baier asked Hawley whether he actually believed that President Trump would remain in the White House past January 20. Hawley answers by saying that that depends on what Congress does on Wednesday and totally disregards the election outcome.

Baier retorts by countering Hawley’s absurd and inaccurate statement by citing the Constitution.

When you’re a Republican and you’ve lost Fox News, you’ve fallen pretty far.

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