VIDEO: Lou Dobbs admits its been hard finding ‘actual proof’ of election crimes he’s convinced happened

Ever hear or read something that makes you stop, shake your head and question your sanity? Well, in today’s political climate that likely happens several times a day.

Trump sycophant and Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs recently provided one of those moments on his program. Now, for anyone who has paid any kind of attention to the news in the last two months or so understand that President Trump, Trump supporters and those on OAN, Newsmax and Fox News are 100%, completely and totally convinced that the election was stolen from Trump. They believe widespread voter fraud undeniably happened (but only in the states Trump lost, of course).

The problem with their conclusion? There’s been absolutely no evidence to confirm their certainty of election theft. Lou Dobbs actually admitted this fact but yet he’s still convinced the election was stolen from his buddy.

Makes sense, right?

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