Sen. Ben Sasse says he won’t take part in attempt to overturn election

Not all Republicans hang on every word, syllable or crazy, conspiracy-laden tweet from President Donald Trump.

I understand that with the way a majority of Republicans have acted the last five or six years or so this is how things may have appeared. And yes, with people like Marco Rubio, Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley who have cast their lot with Trump, doing and saying things hoping to please and grab the attention of their beloved in the White House, this doesn’t make Republicans look good….or sane.

Well, it appears in their next act of deference and obedience to Trump, some Republicans are actually going to object when the Electoral College votes are counted.

However, not all Republicans are going along, including Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse.

Sasse, a frequent Trump critic, posted on social media why he won’t participate in the Republican attempt to overturn the president election.

Sasse lists six different reasons why he won’t take part and then goes into detail explaining why he will not get involved in the idiotic scheme.

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