INSANE: Lawyer, Trump supporter Lin Wood accuses Justice John Roberts of pedophilia, says Epstein is alive

With the ever increasing availability of the internet, there is more and more content every single day. That means many different things, some good and some bad.

But with more individuals having access to the world wide web, that also means the percentage of insane people posting to places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is increasing at a steady and frightening pace. How else can you explain QAnon theories and QAnon-dedicated websites and forums?

Well, lawyer and Trump supporter Lin Wood threw out some conspiracy theories surrounding the recent presidential election.

According to Wood, he believes Chief Justice John Roberts is a pedophile and that Jeffrey Epstein, pal of former President Bill Clinton and President Donald Trump, is alive.

Yes, this is absolutely crazy, to throw crap out there without any shred of evidence (like saying there was a “stolen election”) but what’s even scarier is that people actually believe this garbage and of course, the man has a huge following among Trump supporters.

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