Trump again attacks GOP governor of Georgia, calls Brian Kemp ‘obstructionist’

President Donald Trump only has a few weeks left in office. His days remaining in the Oval Office are literally numbered.

Despite what Sean Hanitty, Laura Ingraham, or any other sycophant from Trump-worshipping “news organizations” like Newsmax or OAN may say, Trump’s first and only term in office is nearly over.

However, Trump isn’t letting reality get in the way of him continuing to push lies and conspiracy theories about the election being stolen from him.

On Wednesday, the leader of the Republican Party attacked the GOP governor, Brian Kemp.

Trump, without providing any evidence at all (as is the norm with Trump, his campaign’s legal team and his MAGA cult members), called Kemp an “obstructionist,” saying that he refuses to acknowledge that he won Georgia big.

Ok. Sure, Donald.

But should we really expect anything different from the former head of Trump University? No, and his MAGA fools will continue to buy into this idea just like they have with every other lie and conspiracy theory this man has pushed.

There have been multiple recounts carried out in Georgia alone and Trump has come up on the losing side every single time. How many more times does this guy want to lose the Peach state?

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