What? Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis calls out Biden for undermining ‘the rule of law by stealing an election’

Law degrees must be handed out like candy today. You get a law degree! You get a law degree! We all get law degrees!

Seriously, how else can you possibly explain the people who make up the Trump campaign legal team? That has to be the most inept, incompetent and embarrassing group of lawyers in the country. Yes, they even give those ambulance-chasing, personal injury attorneys who “vow to work for you” a run for their money.

Since the Nov. 3 election, after Democrat Joe Biden was projected to have won, Trump’s legal team has done nothing but try to overturn the election results. They’ve filed lawsuit after lawsuit in states all across the country and have had them tossed out one after the other.

Trump’s pathetic group of lawyers have requested a number of recounts, challenging the results of several states Trump lost. All of which ended in Trump’s defeat at the ballot box, again and again and again.

Throughout their treasonous endeavor, the legal team has held several press conferences which, as expected, were nothing more than wild conspiracy theory ranting sessions with entirely too much hair dye. Although, much like passing a bad accident on the highway, they’ve been hard to turn away from.

Nevertheless, Rudy Guiliani, Jenna Ellis and company continue to persist in their fool’s errand to overturn an election.

On Monday evening, Ellis, who seems to not understand irony, called out President-elect Joe Biden out for “undermining the Constitution and rule of law” and “stealing an election.”

No doubt this is projection at its highest, most absurd, most Donald Trump level.

Although, I guess one quality of a lawyer is the ability to do one thing and then accuse someone else of doing that very thing.

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