Former Rep. Katie Hill suing media, ex over leaked nude photos

Former Rep. Katie Hill is suing two media outlets and her ex-husband, saying they helped distribute “nonconsensual porn” that ended her political career.

Named in the lawsuit are Hill’s ex-husband, Kenny Heslep and two media groups, including the Daily Mail and the conservative web site RedState. RedState deputy managing editor Jennifer Van Laar is specifically named in the suit according to The Hill.

“Less than five months after the breakup, naked images of Hill that only Heslep had previously possessed were published globally on the internet, alongside intimate text messages and cruel lies,” the AP reports from the lawsuit. “Media defendants helped Heslep maximize injury to Hill, widely amplifying and publishing deeply private and degrading confidential information and false statements, all supplied by Heslep.”

From The Hill:

The lawsuit further argues the media outlets named in the complaint do not have a protected First Amendment right to “sexually degrade and expose public officials.”

The former congresswoman resigned in November of 2019 and the scandal prompted a House ethics probe into the allegations that she had an inappropriate relationship with a staffer

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