TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk tries to use ‘math,’ gets schooled

President Trump, far rightwing commentators on TV and social media know they only have a few more weeks left to continue pushing and profiting off of the election, voter fraud lie.

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk has been one of the most obedient, subservient Trump-loving shills on the right. Absolutely everything Trump’s said and done has been 100% great and perfectly amazing in the eyes of Kirk and his organization, Turning Point USA.

So, it should come as no surprise that Kirk continues to push the election fraud lie even as Trump’s legal team has had case after case tossed out all over the country. Trump says “jump” and Kirk responds with an immediate and predictable”how high?”

On Sunday evening, Kirk, in yet another attempt to please his master in the White House, put out a tweet trying to, once again, prove their was election fraud.

What Kirk doesn’t appear to understand is that despite his “math,” there are more Democrats in the country and they live in more populated states and counties. This elementary level of thinking seems to have been entirely too much for Kirk to use before sending out his tweet.

Others on Twitter responded accordingly, informing the Trump-loving Kirk of his massive error.

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