Michael Flynn advocates Trump installs martial law, rerun election in swing states

Trump supporters love this country. They love law and order and the United States Constitution.

How do we know the MAGA cultists feel this way? They make sure to tell us every 15 minutes about their infatuation with our country and the rules that govern the United States.

But as we’ve seen since the Nov. 3 presidential election, that burning love of law and order seems to have cooled dramatically. A number of them, including President Trump and his campaign legal team, have actually advocated for and worked to subvert the results of the election, undermining the will of the people in the process.

Now, Michael Flynn, who was recently pardoned by President Trump after he admitted to lying to the FBI under oath, wants to institute martial law and “military capabilities” to rerun the election in states Trump lost.

The pardoned general made the comments on NewsMax in which he actually advocated for Trump to do just that, adding that it’s not unprecedented.

Once again these people talk about love of country and blather on about following the law but as we’ve seen their declarations of love for the USA is as conditional as Donald Trump’s marriage vows to his three wives.

Honestly, what could be more unAmerican than attempting to overturn the results of an election, especially when you’ve presented absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing?

The MAGA crowd will continue to go on and on about widespread election fraud and present no evidence at all to backup their claims. But hey, if you wrap yourself up in the flag beforehand, apparently you can say and try to do some pretty unAmerican things.

Thank God these MAGA cult members love this country and its laws. I’d hate to see what these people would do if they weren’t obsessed about following the rule of law and the will of the people.

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