Andrew Yang thinks you should be able to download a barcode to your phone to prove your vaccine status

I am not anti-vaccine at all. They can and do save lives. Like my mom always said, the little stick of the needle is much worse than the disease.

But when it comes to living in the digital age and dealing with this pandemic, there have been some weird conspiracies and ideas floating around regarding the COVID-19 immunization.

Ticketmaster floated the idea that you’d have to send your vaccine records or negative test results to them before they’d let you attend a concert. And now businessman and former Democratic Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang thinks people need to have a barcode they download to their phones to scan to prove their vaccine status.

“Is there a way for someone to easily show that they have been vaccinated – like a bar code they can download to their phone? There ought to be,” Yang tweeted.

He went on to say there’s no other way to prove people can interact freely at large gatherings unless something like that were to be required.

Yikes! When notable people start talking like this, it only fuels the conspiracy theory fires.

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