OK? Jenna Ellis, member of Trump campaign legal team, says others ‘have no credibility’

President Donald Trump will be leaving the White House in a matter of weeks. Following Monday’s Electoral College vote, Democrat Joe Biden will become our nation’s next president.

This comes despite President Trump refusing to act in a way even resembling presidential in acknowledging his loss, conceding and accepting his loss. Instead, Trump and his campaign legal team have embarrassed themselves by throwing out unfounded and baseless allegations of election fraud as they tried to overturn the results of the election.

They even went so far as appealing their laughably weak case to the Supreme Court, who refused to even hear it.

But instead of simply going away and stopping with the conspiracy theories, in true Trump fashion, a member of Trump’s legal campaign is upping the stupidity.

On Wednesday, Jenna Ellis called out the media, saying they “have no integrity and no credibility.”

I’m unable to decipher if Ellis is trying to be ironic and is really that dumb. She and members of her team tried to actually overturn an election on nothing more than lies and conspiracy theories as they were laughed out of courtroom after courtroom.

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