Cleveland Indians to change team name

Following in the footsteps of other sports teams, the Cleveland Indians will change their team name, which has been a part of their franchise history since 1915.

No alternative name has been announced yet, but CBS Sports is speculating on some potential replacements including the Rockers, which would be a nod to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that’s also located in Cleveland.

The Hill is reporting that officials from the team met with Native Americans to discuss the name change.

Regarding its name, the team consulted with Native American tribes in the Ohio region and nationally to discuss the implications of the name used for the sports team.

β€œWe are committed to engaging our community and appropriate stakeholders to determine the best path forward with regard to our team name,” the team said in a July statement.

The Washington Football team tweeted their suggestion for the new team name.

Others are applauding the move, saying it’s long over due.

President Trump weighed in saying it’s cancel culture at work.

The team dropped their logo “Chief Wahoo” in 2018.

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