Marco Rubio continues to embarrass himself, destroy reputation in attempt to defend Trump

There was a time when Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was seen as the future of the Republican Party. Well, that notion is long since gone.

Ever since Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination, Marco Rubio and the majority of his Republican colleagues have bent the knee in submission to Trump’s everlasting word and desire.

He’s embarrassed himself on multiple occasions as he went out of his way to defend the president while demonstrating that it’s possible for a human being to live without possessing a backbone.

Likely most memorable in his showing of fealty to Trump was Rubio’s incredibly idiotic and cowardly explanation for his vote against removing Trump from office.

The Florida senator explained his vote this way: “Just because actions meet a standard of impeachment does not mean it is in the best interest of the country to remove a president from office.”

In another move that demonstrates his lack of spine, Rubio believes that the United States Supreme Court should actually overturn an election because his guy didn’t win.

Anyone who would tweet out such utter nonsense has no business in office. He’s an elected official who is actually advocating that the United States Supreme Court overturn an election on absolutely no evidence of fraud.

There’s been none. Trump’s legal team has lost court case after court case. But yet, Rubio, a member of the party that supposedly wants things decided at the voting booth, not the courtroom, believes nine judges can and should change the outcome of an election based on no evidence of fraud.

The Republican Party, as it has shown time and time again, truly is the party of Trump and is nothing more than an absolute joke, demonstrating that they care only about staying in power and not about the country.

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