Rush Limbaugh: We are trending toward secession

A number of states seceded from the Union once in our history. It led to the bloodiest war in our nation’s history where American killed American. The Confederates states lost and were re-admitted to the Union.

Funny enough, there are some who still, for whatever reason, proudly display the flag of the losers of that conflict.

Anyway, if you ask conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, he believes our country is “trending” toward secession.

Limbaugh made the comments during a recent segment on his radio show, commenting that he’s seen a number of bloggers claim that we cannot peacefully coexist, liberals and conservatives.

Limbaugh goes on to claim that there may not be enough that exists to keep our country together, saying that the differences between people is so vast and expansive that it may be difficult to overcome.

Good Lord, these people lose one presidential election and they consider secession as a possible option? “America isn’t worth it if my guy isn’t president” seems to be their attitude. To use a phrase Trump voters like to use to accuse liberals of complaining, that sounds very much like a “snowflake,” if there ever was one.

While a very small and loud minority of people (cultist Trumpers) are still upset and believe Trump’s continuous lies about election fraud, there is more to life than one presidential election. Americans are more alike than they are different.

Fox News commentators, far-right social media personalities and those on talk radio keep this idea of there being such a vast difference between those who vote one way and others who vote a different way alive because it makes them money. They continually tell their audience what they want to hear and it keeps them tuning in. Tell them the truth, that liberals and conservatives can and have co-existed for several hundreds and they’ll change the channel to someone else who will tell them otherwise.

To think people are going to take up arms against their fellow citizens over one single presidential election, despite what Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham might say, is absurd.

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