Penn. GOP senator says ‘I’d get my house bombed tonight’ if she didn’t go along with Trump on election fraud

Fraud. There was massive in the presidential election. There was obvious widespread cheating in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, right? I mean that’s all we’ve been hearing about since the presidential election from Fox News, Trump supporters on social media and President Trump himself.

On the other hand, the Trump campaign legal team doesn’t seem to believe there was any fraud in Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alaska and other places where Trump won.

Odd how that worked out, isn’t?

In Pennsylvania, just one of several places where the Trump campaign have had cases thrown out of court, Trump has been calling state lawmakers to twist their arms to sign a letter that there was election fraud.

Republican State Sen. Kim Ward, the leader of the majority in the Pennsylvania Senate, said Trump called her personally to tell her to sign the letter.

When asked what would happen if she refused to sign the letter backing Trump’s wild and false assertions of election fraud, Ward said her “house would be bombed tonight” by the Republican base in the state.

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