President Trump shows why he lost 2020 election

President Donald Trump, his lackeys in conservative media and his cult followers continue to hang onto this absurd and totally insane idea that the election was stolen from them.

Democrat Joe Biden is weeks away from taking the oath of office and becoming the 46th President of the United States. Despite all of the kicking, screaming and profane and misspelled social media postings from citizens of MAGA world, this will happen.

“But just wait, just you wait. Things are about to change. It’s going all the way to the Supreme Court,” the MAGA-obsessed crowd respond whenever you provide them with the Trump campaign legal team’s record of complete and utter failure all across the country.

However, can you really blame people who would voluntarily wear cheaply-made red hats, clothing adorned with Donald Trump’s face and place multiple Trump 2020 signs inside the beds of their pickups as they drone on and on about the Trump Train?

No, you don’t blame the naive members of the cult, you blame the ego-driven, conman leader for brainwashing people into believing something that is completely untrue.

On Wednesday, Trump, apparently sensing that his election-fraud lie and con is coming to an end, went to social media as he sent out a number of just straight-up lies.

With the rantings and ravings similar to that of a crazy man, Trump showed why he lost the 2020 presidential election.

First of all, leaders have to live in reality. Trump has shown us time and again that he’s not much of a resident of this place called reality.

Trump, as he has for several weeks, continues to refuse to accept the fact that he actually lost, which he did as recount after recount have shown. Likewise, with the coronavirus pandemic, Trump refused to accept the reality that things weren’t great, and didn’t put together anything even resembling a national response to the virus as cases surged throughout the country as people continue to die. Time and again, he refused to wear a mask, mocked those who did, said that things aren’t all that bad and that COVID would magically disappear after the election.

Well, here we are in December and the pandemic is worse than ever.

Second, Trump’s Twitter posts are nothing more than a man concerned solely about himself. While he campaigned on this idea that he wasn’t a politician like everyone in Washington, he actually cared about the average guy, the little guy.

Wouldn’t someone who actually cared about more than himself put aside this idiotic charade of widespread election fraud for the good of the country? Yes, yes they would.

Whether he and his cult worshipers want to admit it, come January 20, 2021, Donald Trump will no longer be president. The country will be done with the Tweeter in Chief.

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