Georgia Senate candidate: I’m a pro-choice pastor

The eyes of the nation will be on Georgia for the next several weeks.

There are two upcoming races in the Peach state that will decide the balance of power in the United States Senate. Also, who knows, President Trump and his campaign team of all-star lawyers may try and get Georgia to conduct two or three more recounts that show President Donald Trump lost the state.

On Jan. 5, voters in Georgia will head to the polls to select both of their states’ U.S. senators.

In one race incumbent Republican David Perdue faces Democrat Jon Ossoff while in the other race appointed Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler is up against Democrat Raphael Warnock.

A number of issues are sure to be raised in the last several weeks, including the recent presidential election, race, guns and abortion, really anything that is likely to light a fire under both bases to get them out to the polls.

On Tuesday evening, Warnock, a pastor, provided the world with his stance on abortion. Being a pastor and one who professes to preach the Bible, it could’ve been easily thought that Warnock might actually be pro-life. However, you’d be sadly mistaken.

Perhaps Warnock should check his Bible again and reexamine his stance on this issue.

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