Trump willing to take COVID-19 vaccine live on TV

Following the the footsteps of former President Clinton, Bush and Obama, White House officials say that President Trump is also willing to take the coronavirus vaccine live on television.

The Daily Wire reports that on a background call with the press, a journalist asked whether or not Trump would receive the vaccine on television.

“With respect to the president and taking the vaccine, that’s certainly something that is under consideration,” said the official. “The president has previously expressed his willingness to do whatever the experts thought was the best path, in terms of instilling vaccine confidence.”

However since President Trump already had COVID and recovered, the question remains if he really should take it or not.

“As you know, the president recovered from COVID. And so I think there is something that’s up for discussion as to whether someone who’s recovered from COVID and has antibodies would necessarily be a high priority for receiving the vaccine and for the purposes of vaccine confidence,” said the official.

The UK is already rolling out the vaccine, with England, Wales and Scotland beginning administration today.

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