CULT: Arizona GOP asking people if they are willing to die for Trump

During the Obama presidency, Republican elected officials, Fox News and conservatives on social media complained about people getting wrapped up in the cult of personality. They were making Obama out to be a godlike figure they’d say and post.

Well, the GOP and Trump supporters have truly outdone themselves, making the love for Obama look like an innocent teenage crush. The MAGA crowd is without a doubt, 100% a cult. A fair number of Trump supporters truly believe that there was widespread fraud and that the election was stolen from Trump.

Why do they believe such nonsense? Because President Trump told them so and nothing Trump says or does can or should be questioned in their mind.

Now, the Republican party of Arizona is asking people if they are willing to die for their lord and savior: Donald Trump.

In one of their insane postings, they make mention of a “fight.”

What fight? Trump’s legal team has had case after case thrown out in courts all over the country, Joe Biden has won ever single recount that has occurred, including Georgia three times and Trump’s own attorney general came out and said there was no widespread fraud. A few weeks ago, intelligence agencies stated the 2020 election was one of, if not the most secure in the history of our country.

So again, what fight?

The party of Lincoln has lost its collective mind and way as they continue to peddle conspiracy theories and false allegations of fraud on behalf of a lying, cheating conman.

There cannot be any other answer then you truly are a brainwashed member of a cult if you’re actually willing to die for Donald Trump’s made-up election fraud nonsense.

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