MAGA cult member: Trump isn’t going anywhere, ‘more than prepared to do everything’

President Trump and his followers absolutely the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law. At least that’s what they’ve been telling us ad nauseam for years. It’s the Democrats that are always looking to subvert the rule of law and the will of the people, they tell us.

Well, it appears their love of law and the constitution may be waning just a bit or well, a lot. Despite President Trump losing the electoral college, the national vote and having nearly every lawsuit they’ve brought to court thrown out, some members of the MAGA crowd are still holding onto this fantasy that their orange God won.

This guy’s rambling contains absolutely no facts but is simply nothing more than empty threats to do “absolutely everything to preserve the constitutional republic.”

To be fair, I believe a good number of Trump supporters realize that Joe Biden will be president come January 20 but there are still some people trying to hold onto their last few weeks of relevancy by throwing out insane, crazy assertions to their equally MAGA-obsessed audience.

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