OK? Caleb Hull accuses Barstool Sports of ‘siding with communists’

Conservatives constantly accuse liberals of having no sense of humor, taking themselves too seriously and of not having the ability to take a joke.

And for the most part, this is true. Social media has made this fact abundantly true. Say something even remotely controversial, that could possibly considered inappropriate and social justice warriors will rush in to save the day. They’ll swoop in and question you, your motives, drag up any and everything you’ve done in the past to use against you. Essentially, this is cancel culture.

The left has perfected this phony outrage where they sic their followers in an attempt to take down and silence their enemies. But the right isn’t immune to this kind of stupidity.

Caleb Hull, an avid Pro-Trump strategist, also seems unable to take a joke as well.

Anyone with half a brain can understand that the above tweet from Barstool Sports is meant to be a joke. A quick look at their Twitter page will highlight this as they commonly tweet out jokes and witty responses to news items. Like most jokes, some land and others don’t but they are jokes nonetheless.

But why take a few seconds to understand and process that someone may be joking when you can conjurer up faux outrage and maybe gain a few followers instead?

That’s exactly what Hull did.

Hull doesn’t seem to be the only person without a sense of humor, unable to take a joke.

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