Expected: Trump lawyer called out for flimsy, failing case, resorts to name calling

President Trump and his campaign’s attempt to overturn the election due to “widespread voter fraud” is going absolutely nowhere.

Their lawsuits have been thrown out of court as they ruin their reputations and destroy their careers with every new conspiracy theory and lie they churn out. At this point, it’s beyond sad and just like Rudy’s hair dye running down the side of his face, it isn’t pretty.

So what do you do when your lawsuits are failing and even pundits on Fox News are questioning the validity of your claims? Well, just like their boss, you resort to name calling.

Jenna Ellis, who up until she was being paid by Trump, believed Trump to be an “idiot” and “not a conservative.” Now, she’s sold completely out to Trump and his crazed followers and has adopted one of their most commonly-used tactics: name calling.

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