CULT: Caller tells Rush Limbaugh ‘he’s willing to die’ for Trump

Despite what many on Fox News and talk radio tell their viewers and listeners, President Donald Trump is not getting a second term. Come January 20, 2020, Trump will no longer be president and he and his band of liars will exit the White House.

This may be hard for some Trump supporters to read but it’s true.

The people have spoken and Biden will be the President of the United States.

But yet some are having a terrible time coming to terms with this fact. Some, if you can believe it, are actually being brought to tears by the fact that Donald Trump will no longer be president.

Don’t believe me?

A grown man who called into Rush Limbaugh’s show was on the verge of tears as he talks about his cult leader, the Orange One. The man goes on to say that Trump has given more to this country than any American and if that wasn’t enough to convince you we’re actually dealing with a cult, he say he’s willing to die for this president.”

This is absolutely insane!

Oh, also I thought facts don’t care about your feelings….or something? And isn’t crying over losing an election the very definition of a snowflake?

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