Newly elected GOP congresswoman wants to form an anti-Squad

Republican women had a great night on Nov. 3, with thirteen fresh faces joining the House. Six of the eight House seats that flipped were women from the GOP, with two of them making history.

South Carolina’s Nancy Mace became the first woman in her state elected to Congress and Florida’s Kat Cammack became the youngest Republican woman elected.

Now that there’s an uptick in conservative women joining Congress, newly elected New York Rep. Nicole Malliotakis wants to form a counter to AOC and company’s clique known as “The Squad.”

“A natural alliance has formed among the new members of Congress whose families fled socialism or communism to achieve the American Dream. Our group doesn’t gave a name but we have a message to share with America,” Malliotakis told Fox & Friends.

“Not only do we have the most females in history coming to Congress from the Republican side, but we also have a number of minorities, we have immigrants who come from Korea, from Cuba, Ukraine and we also have military veterans as well from the Republican side,” Malliotakis said.

“But I can tell you that this is important because it is the messenger,” she added. “You have AOC and the socialist squad, now we have individuals who come from very diverse backgrounds — many of whom fled communism or socialism themselves or are like me, a daughter of a Cuban refugee — to be those messengers to say why socialism is bad and to push back and to make sure that we fight to preserve our freedoms and liberties and we reopen our economy, we keep the capitalist system that provides jobs and opportunity,” she added.

While the group name is still up for debate, some have floated the idea of calling them “The Freedom Squad.”

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