Trump supporter, TPUSA’s Graham Allen is really, really excited about….Trump winning Alaska’s 3 electoral votes

The presidential election is over. Democrat Joe Biden was the projected winner of Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes on Saturday, which helped to put him over the 270 threshold. Soon after Nevada was also called for Biden, which only added to his already winning count.

Biden was declared the winner Saturday and he and both Kamala Harris gave victory speeches that same day. Biden is now being referred to as President-elect and Harris as Vice president-elect. But President Trump and his supporters must have missed that whole thing as they cling to this idea that Trump was cheated and there was rampant fraud.

One of those people who believes that Trump will eventually win re-election despite, you know, math is Turning Point USA contributor Graham Allen.

Allen continues to be one of those people to tell his followers about widespread fraud despite, you know, there being no evidence.

On Wednesday, Alaska was finally called for President Trump. The red state’s three electoral votes have now been awarded to Trump, bringing his total to 217 and still short of the 270 magic number.

But don’t tell that to Allen, the dude is psyched about it!

Things really must be getting sad and desperate in Trump world as he’s way too excited about winning a reliably red state with three electoral votes in a race that is already over.

But it’s not about facing reality for Allen and people like him. They all know it’s over but can’t say that to their followers. It’s all about keeping their audience, keeping them engaged and listening to him.

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