What? Eric Trump encourages Minnesota to vote…a week after the election

This year’s election was filled with widespread fraud, according to President Trump and his supporters. Trump supporters have screamed about massive fraud in places like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Michigan – all states that eventually went to President-elect Joe Biden.

However, what’s extremely odd, though, is that there have been not been any allegations of fraud in Indiana, Florida, Ohio or Texas – states won by President Trump.

Ballots mailed on or prior to Election Day that were received after Nov. 3, are illegal in the eyes of Trump supporters. That’s voting after Election Day, Republicans allege and they aren’t going to stand for it. That’s part of their massive voter fraud conspiracy.

But what would Trump voters think if the president’s own son encouraged people to vote an entire week after Election Day?

Well, that’s apparently what Eric Trump wants people who live in Minnesota to do.

I’m telling you, Saturday Night Live got it exactly right with Eric Trump.

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