Biden declared winner, Trump refuses to concede and Trump supporters scream ‘election fraud’

Democrat Joe Biden is now President-elect Biden. The former vice president was declared the winner Saturday morning after it was projected that he had won both Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Following his victory Saturday, both Biden and Vice president-elect Kamala Harris spoke in Wilmington, Delaware. As expected, Biden talked about putting the heated, divisive rhetoric of the campaign and really, the last four years, behind us.

After it was projected that Biden was the winner of the presidential election, there was no concession from President Trump. Instead, the current occupant, his campaign and his supporters are now screaming fraud.

But did we really expect Trump to lose graciously? The man has shown time and time again that he’s unable to do anything with even a little bit of class.

His people and those in conservative media continue to lob these claims of voter fraud but have failed to produce evidence of such happenings.

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