Update on the Sharpie Ballots in Arizona

Concern over the use of sharpies on paper ballots caused some voters to worry that their ballots were not counted properly.

Posts went viral on social media showing the sharpies had bled through the ballots and some voters were saying their ballots were thrown out because of the sharpie use.

“I did an in person mail in ballot early… I voted with a sharpie because I WAS HANDED A SHARPIE AND TOLD TO USE IT TO FILL OUT THE BALLOT!.” wrote a Facebook user.

“My vote says cancelled. I voted in person last night. I don’t have early voting or mail in. They made me use a Sharpie and it bled completely through. I’m in AZ. This is voter FRAUD. AZ needs a recount!!,” someone else tweeted.

Arizona Attorney Genera Mark Brnovich, who is a Republican, has said they investigated the issue and is satisfied with the process.

“We are now confident that the use of Sharpie markers did not result in disenfranchisement for Arizona voters,” he tweeted.

Maricopa County officials released a video showing why they use Sharpies, saying the ink doesn’t smudge or create issues on the ballot reader.

At the time of writing, Maricopa county still has 142,000 more absentee ballots to process along with some provisional ballots. Joe Biden is leading President Trump in the state by 43,779 votes.

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