Trump, followers allege fraud, fail to provide evidence

There’s fraud! The election is fake! It was totally rigged and the Democrats are trying to steal the 2020 presidential election!

That’s essentially the message coming from President Trump and his minions on Twitter and Fox News.

On Thursday evening, the President of the United States, from the White House, alleged massive, widespread fraud. The election is being stolen from him, according to President Trump. He did all of this without providing any evidence at all.

However, in the same press conference, Trump went on and on about the massive wins of Republicans in both the House and the Senate.

So, the president, his family, his sycophants in the media and online would have you believe that there wasn’t any fraud in the races in which Republicans won or in states that Trump won but only in states in which Trump isn’t winning or didn’t win.

Sure, I guess whatever makes Trump and his people feel better. But are we really surprised that Trump is now calling foul? This fool signaled this from the very beginning.

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