Marco Rubio implies voting happened after Election Day

Counting of votes in a number of states is still underway. Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona are still counting ballots.

While it appears that Democrat Joe Biden is on the verge of winning the presidency, he has yet to reach the 270 Electoral vote threshold. Biden is leading in both Pennsylvania and Georgia – states Trump needs if he has any shot at being re-elected.

Currently, Pennsylvania and Georgia are counting mail-in ballots. Those ballots were cast on or before November 3.

But Sen. Marco Rubio, on Twitter, says that “votes cast after the deadline” are “not legally cast votes.” Of course, the senator from Florida is implying that people actually voted after deadline. Also, much like Trump and the rest of his sycophants, Rubio doesn’t provide any evidence of his claim.

Rubio just continues to throw away his reputation and once bright future, choosing to go down with the Trump ship.

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