Trump campaign’s Pam Bondi mentions ‘fake ballots’ when pressed on it, says ‘there could be’

Counting is still underway in a handful of states that haven’t been called in the presidential election. Among those states are Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina. Some news outlets have called Arizona while others have yet to do so.

The Trump campaign sensing that they are about to lose have filed a number of lawsuits across the country. In some states they want the counting to stop but in others, they want every single ballot added to the total.

In addition to talking out of both sides of their mouths, the Trump campaign is now talking about “fake ballots” because of course, they are.

Trump campaign advisor Pam Bondi went on Fox & Friends Thursday morning to talk about the remaining states and claimed a number of times about “fake ballots.” There are ballots that are “fake,” we can’t count the ballots that are “fake,” Bondi says.

Surprisingly, though, one of the cohost pushes back on her claim to which Bondi responds, “there could be.” Well, that settles it, right? Just throw wild accusations and hope something sticks.

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